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Commercial real estate can be an excellent investment opportunity. The right property can generate substantial income while appreciating in value. However, finding and buying the right property with the right characteristics for your specific needs can be a difficult process requiring substantial knowledge and expertise. When you are ready, we can assist you in finding the right property for your specific needs.

Expect a Reliable and Positive Experience

Reliable – We do what we say we will do. We give honest answers. We use our long history in the real estate business to develop and maintain systems to deliver consistent results to you. We are a checklist-orientated team from the beginning until after close of escrow.

“Jeff performed exactly as he said he would and lived up to (all) expectations. I have been a long time commercial broker but took our storage to Jeff to list and sell the property because I felt he was an expert in storage facilities. Jeff is a professional with many contacts and did a great job of selling our facility at the full listed price.” 

Positive – We have a positive attitude. We keep an eye open for opportunities. We believe in working well with others, including brokers, and being a leader in the both community and in business.

“The property was very small compared to your ordinary listings. However, we were treated as if we were important clients. “

Experienced – We have been providing professional real estate advisory since 2003 with strategic partners that have been around for decades. Our team has sold many types of properties giving us the know-how to overcome many different types of obstacles. With our current 100% focus on individual property types, all of our team’s personnel, resources and technology are focused solely in your specific area.

“Jeff Gorden’s performance exceeded our expectations. His attention to details and communication of the process was especially helpful, first with the marketing of the property and then during the sale.”

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