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Expert Guidance: What is it Really Worth?

The value of professional advice during a self-storage transaction cannot simply be measured by wins and losses. Oftentimes, the most valuable advice does not even lead to a transaction. Over the years I have written articles and analyzed just about every aspect of the self-storage business. However, we rarely explain what a good real estate […]

How to Win in Today’s Competitive Market

In today’s dynamic self-storage business environment, many independent owners are forced to compete with larger, better capitalized and more sophisticated self-storage operators. Most owners consider the REITs to be the largest competitors in their markets, but we are now seeing the regional players and third-party management companies grow to a level that leaves the local […]

The Tide is High

Many experts agree that the self-storage investment market has reached the high-water mark, but for the first time in my 20+ year real estate career, the industry is seeing both operational headwinds and investment expansion. Over the last three weeks I have attended several self-storage investment meetings. While it is unclear how the self-storage sector […]

2017 – A Year in Review

Looking back over the last three years, without qualification, the market has simply been the best it has ever been, at any time, in the existence of the self-storage business. Interest rates have remained low, lenders are aggressive, industry information is getting better, values have risen rapidly, NOIs have been growing, and large institutional investors […]

Self Storage Financing

As we near the end of 2017, there are several signs that should capture your attention and point you in appropriate directions so you can capitalize on current market and economic conditions. From a big picture perspective, the first sign that should catch your eye is that cap rates may have reached their low point […]

Self Storage Valuation – Time to Look in the Mirror

As indicated by the stock performance of the 5 self-storage REITs in 2017, the self-storage investment market is experiencing some headwinds.  As we continue to see self-storage Net Operating Incomes flatten and deceleration of rental revenue, we are also experiencing areas of expense pressure including spending on advertising/marketing, payroll and real estate taxes.  However, as […]

Staying Competitive in Today’s Market

Today the investment market for self-storage assets can best be described as having flat or softening values, but the demand remains strong. It is still a seller’s market, for now! Over the last 3 years, selling prices of self-storage properties have risen dramatically.  A typical owner has seen their value (without any increase in rents or occupancy) […]

Market Trends to Watch For

Over the last 10 years, the self-storage industry evolved from a mom and pop investment class to a mainstream institutional asset class. The industry weathered the great recession and is now reaping the benefits of strong market fundamentals. Heading into 2018, I want to highlight some industry trends that will continue throughout the year and […]