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Staying on Top of the Marketing Game

While the last few years have been very difficult for the self-storage industry, the most positive and productive result of the contracting economy and challenging real estate market was that self-storage operators had to take a very hard look at their operating expenses. This has forced many operators to change their marketing campaigns and go outside their comfort zones to move into the next generation of self-storage marketing. Today’s savvy self-storage marketers must familiarize themselves with the variety of online marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Citysearch, LinkedIn, blogging, YouTube and Craigslist just to name a few. Gone are the days of the great newspapers, magazines and Yellow Pages books that served the advertising needs of American business for generations. Electronic media is now the dominant form of marketing communications and virtually all print media offerings have suffered. This is no more evident than with the United States Postal Service, whose net loss of $8.5 billion in 2010 shows that advertising has fundamentally changed. Not only are businesses finding better and cheaper ways to communicate with their customers electronically, but U.S. consumers are choosing to receive information by more efficient and convenient ways as well…



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